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Now on the H-France Salon: Seven (!) issues from this spring's SFHS conference, including five full panels, along with talks by Martha Hanna and Antoine Prost, all available here for your viewing pleasure. There is also a salon devoted to the work of Jeffrey Merrick, featuring both a recorded interview with him (video) and three essays by other historians of the eighteenth century.


The latest New Books in French Studies features an interview with Clare Crowston about her book Credit, Fashion, Sex: Economies of Regard in Old Regime France.


From the latest Fiction and Film for French Historians: an issue focused on Renaissance and early modern France. Allan Greer reviews The Orenda, a Canadian novel about the period of contact; Charlotte Wells Reign, a very loose TV adaptation of the life of Mary Queen of Scots at the French; and Greg Monahan compares René Allio’s Les Camisards to the recently released Michael Kohlhaas. None are the works discussed are fully successful – and our historians will tell you why.