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To all of our friends and colleagues in France, and especially Paris, 
We stand with you in the midst of this horror.
We share with you the sense of violation and brutality.
We stand beside you as you mourn the fallen.
And we embrace you as you seek comfort in this tragic time.

Our deepest sympathies and thoughts go out to all,

David Kammerling Smith
H-France Editor-in-chief
And the rest of the team at H-France


Two new issues from the H-France Salon. One is on Robespierre and "The Robespierre Problem," featuring several essays and concluding with a video discussion between Colin Jones and Peter McPhee. The second is on new approaches to the history of Early Modern France, including both videos and essays.


In the latest Fiction and Film for French Historians, Liana Vardi reviews Diastème's UN FRANÇAIS about a neo-nazi skinhead in the 1980s who reforms over the next several decades.


In New Books in French Studies, Malick Ghachem discusses his book, The Old Regime and the Haitian Revolution.