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A Message from H-France:

The tragic news from France this week of the vicious attack on Charlie Hebdo struck all of us at H-France with profound sadness.  We stand in solidarity with the spirit of free expression and morn those whose lives have been tragically cut short.

For the H-France Editorial Board,

David Kammerling Smith

H-France Editor-in-Chief



We have a new Fiction and Film for French Historians available. Emma Gilby reviews Alceste à bicyclette, John Connelly discusses the French TV drama, The Jewish Cardinal (Le métis de Dieu), and Alyssa Sepinwall grants instant classic status to Evelyne Trouillot’s novel, The Infamous Rosalie.


Meanwhile, the latest H-France Forum features four essays on Marisa Linton's Choosing Terror. Virtue, Friendship, and Authenticity in the French Revolution. As always, the forum concludes with a response from the author.

New on the H-France Salon: A multi-format dialogue between Eric Fassin and Carolyn Dean about the history of same-sex marriage, nation, and race in France.


From the latest New Books in French Studies: Michael Kwass on contraband, smuggling, consumer revolutions, state building, and the notorious eighteenth-century criminal Louis Mandrin.