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News and Announcements

The latest H-France Forum features three essays on Stephen Harp's, Au Naturel: Naturism, Nudism, and Tourism in Twentieth-Century France. As always, the forum concludes with a response from the author.


H-France is proud to announce its latest Salon, featuring a discussion about the work of Thomas Piketty. There are essays from five scholars, and an interview (video) with Piketty himself. The Salon can be found here.


We have a new Fiction and Film for French Historians available. Jalil Lespert's controversial Yves Saint Laurent, Bertrand Bonello's nonlinear Saint-Laurent, and Jan Cleijne's Legends of the Tour (on the first century of the Tour de France) all get well-deserved attention. Finally, in "Classics in the Classroom" FFFH's own Liana Vardi discusses Pierre Michon's Les Onze (translated as The Eleven) and its representation of the Terror.