H-France Salon: Webinars

Webinars are run through the Elluminate web conferencing program.
What do you need? 
To participate in the webinar with audio and visual:
A computer with internet access and a webcam and microphone.  Also, we strongly recommend using earphones if you are participating in the webinar by yourself.  Earphones or a headset (earphones and microphone combination) will help to eliminate problems with feedback reverberations.  If you are watching as part of a group, earphones are obviously impractical, and the technical moderator will turn your microphone on and off as necessary to avoid feedback reverberations.   Follow the directions for Steps 1, 2, and 3
Step 1. To Open the Elluminate Program
1.  Click on the web link:
(If it does go to the web site, try clicking another time or two)
2.  Enter your first and last names followed in parentheses by F, G, or O for Faculty, Graduate Student, or Other.  Click “Log In”
3. Click the “Open With” radial button and then click “Save” to run Java File.
4. Elluminate program should open after downloads (You may have to click on the downloaded file). 
5.  Click “I agree” to agree to the Participant Agreement.
6. Select your connection speed.
If you do not have a webcam and microphone, then you are now ready to go (Your speakers should automatically sync with the Elluminate Program)
Step 2. To Activate Your Audio (Speakers and Microphone)
1. Click “Tools” at top of the Elluminate site.  Then in drop down menu highlight “Audio” and then in the extension menu click “Audio Setup Wizard.”
2.  Select your speaker device and click “OK” – then you can adjust your speaker volume. Click “Play” to hear a message to adjust your volume.
3.  Once the message has ended, a new dialogue box appears.  If you can hear the message at an appropriate volume, click “Yes.”  If not, click “No” and follow directions to resolve problem.
4. Once speakers are set (i.e., you have clicked “Yes” in point #3), a dialogue box will appear to set your microphone level.  Select your microphone and click “OK.”
5.  In the dialogue box, click radial button for “Single Talker” or “Multiple Talkers” as appropriate.  Then click record and “speak” (You should see a green light bar that indicates that your voice is being recorded).  Once you have recorded for a few seconds, click “Stop”
6. A dialogue box will appear.  Click “play” to hear your recording.  If the recording is too soft or loud, click “No”, which will allow you to alter the recording level.
7.  Once the recording volume is adequate, click “Yes” and a dialog box will appear.  Click “OK” and the Audio Set Up is now complete.
8.  Go to the bottom left hand corner of the Elluminate program and click the microphone with “Ctrl+F2” underneath to activate your microphone.
Step 3. To Activate Your Video
1. In the row of Icons near the top left, click the webcam icon just below the second ½ of the word “Window.”  The Video Window will appear.
2. Click on the drop down menu on the bottom left of the Video Window and select “Fine Grays” or “Fine Color.”
3.  Click “Preview” and make sure you see an image of yourself.
When you are invited to have your image among the live webcasted images, click “Transmit” in the Video Window